Danube Quay in Dorćol

The blue Danube

The blue Danube, looking Eastwards

An ideal place for a walk, for sports and recreation, the Danube quay is also home to very interesting architecture, monuments, and it passes below Kalemegdan fortress. The two most important landmarks, visible from the Danube and from Kalemegdan, are the medieval “Nebojša” tower, and the recently renewed sports center Milan – Gale Muškatirović, a.k.a 25th. May, with it’s monumental wave-like pool hall. A few years ago, part of the center was reconstructed into the tennis center where Serbia Open takes place each year.

On the one km long quay, there’s a walking path, a bicycle/skating path, football, basketball & tennis courts. In summer you can see many people in swimming suits and the world famous gorgeous girls in bikinis, due to one of the largest public pools in Belgrade.

From the quay you can go to Lower Kalemegdan, passing by the Nebojša Tower, or you can continue straight forward and enter the Sava port, home to several mainstream cafes and clubs, situated below the historic neighborhood of Kosančićev Venac. The path leads to Ada Ciganlija, also known as the “Sea of Belgrade”.

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